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Following terms and conditions are valid for all current and future offers and deliveries. 

All conditions are accepted once the order has been placed. Any exemption from these general terms of agreement will be recognized as valid only if approved in writing by SCT.

SCT is quoted without engagement and under any reservation.

All T&Cs can be updated at any time at the sole discretion of SCT. 


All products are engineered according to specifications provided by the client, or SCT on behalf of the client. 

All components are sourced by SCT or provided b the client. Final approval is under SCT's responsibility. 


Conditioning options are sourced by SCT according to specifications provided by the client. Once final option selected, SCT is responsible for ordering. 


SCT is committed to carrying out the manufacturing and filling with the utmost care.

The client guarantees that the description of materials delivered or which he has ordered (contents and packaging) for the nature of ordered packaging has been checked. SCT shall not be responsible for the stability of the products and the operational safety of the products delivered by the purchaser or ordered by himself.
The purchaser must immediately notify SCT of any modification to the existing specifications of the materials which he delivers.


Client should check goods at the reception and presents written complaints within 14 days. After this time, goods will be considered as accepted. 

SCT is not responsible for any hidden defaults of the raw materials delivered by the clients or from third party in accordance with clients' instructions. 


The materials placed at the disposal of SCT for filling will be insured against the damage caused by fire only at the express request of the client, and at his cost and responsibility.


Each delivery terms are agreed according to each order. In the events of unforeseeable difficulties, delivery periods can be extended by SCT. 

In the event of unforeseen circumstances or events for which SCT is not responsible (e.g. raw material shortage, riots, war, strikes, delays by subcontractors, etc) which prevent or delay the delivery or give rise to cause price increases at the time of manufacture, SCT reserves the right, without obligation of compensation, to terminate the contract in whole or part by writing to the purchaser, if the latter does not agree to the in price increases due to these circumstances or doesn’t accept a prolongation of the delivery period.


All prices are net, expressed in CHF or another aforementioned currency. 

Terms of payments are as follow: 50% at the order, 50% at the delivery. 

In the event of an increase in cost during production, SCT is authorized to adjust its prices accordingly.

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